Bombtech Grenade

I used to call it the “shit-stick”. My old driver drove me round the bend cause I wasn`t able to hit one good drive over a period of one year. Sure it’s part of my swing but I tried again and again – no chance. Thus I started to hit only my 3 wood off the tee. Basically I am not that short but as the driver is normally one of the most fascinating golf clubs I want to keep improving on that part. To go for some birdies I really need a good drive, especially on big par 5’s. This winter I could convince myself of doing a proper driver fitting in order to find out if there is one fucking driver out there which will help me to pass 270 yards – on the fairway. I was pretty sure that my friends from know what club fits best for me. It was just amazing … I tried several driver heads in combination with certain shafts – the one which was working definitely the best was called “Grenade” from a new brand named BombTech Golf. A brand which I realized for a while on Facebook and Twitter. 2014 it became very nosy about the man behind BombTech and his idea of building such a great driver like the “Grenade“. The cool driver fitting and this exceptional product pushed my motivation to get in contact with “Sully” (Founder of BombTech Golf).

Intview with Sully about his famous driver:

ME: So What was you motivation to build the “Grenade” ?

SULLY: I had no intentions of getting into the golf business to make money. I just wanted to make a high performance product from the best materials possible. From that the “Grenade” and BombTech free quickly because of the performance, feel and sound of the drive.

ME: Have you been working in the Golf industry before?

SULLY: No. I played golf growing up and recently had fallen back in love with the game.

ME: Why is your driver only available online ?

SULLY: Selling direct allows me to offer the best possible price and highest quality. But due to the popularity, I recently have been approached by many shops and distributors. I am open to any opportunities to work with high end club fitters and shops.

ME: Beside the 3 and 5 woods are there any other clubs or putter in production ?

SULLY: Putter, wedges, balls…. Lots!

ME: Is the “Grenade” only in 10,5° available ?

SULLY: A 9 degree is coming out in 1 month. fitted me on the “Grenade” driver using the same shaft from Grafalloy which Bubba is currently playing. I gained immediatly 20 to 30 yards as my ballspeed went up by 5mph. I loved the penetrating ball flight – never had this feeling before to be able to hit a low spin drive. In the end it is not only the power of my new driver moreover the confidence of increasing my consisteny out on the golf course.

I had to wait for two weeks until playing the “Grenade” for the first time – fortunately I could leave the cold winter in germany to visit once again the PGA Show in Orlando. My first drive at the range at Waldorf Astoria golf club was like a Orgasmn – just perfect. The impact, the feedback – I felt really relieved cause it seems as I took the right decision to go for a professional fitting instead of buying any standard shit. I really like the pure and clean design of the head, somestimes less is more. The green sole and the black crown match perfectly – adding a pink shaft and one of these fantastic green Wrap grips from Pure brings it to to the best looking club in my bag.


You can order the grenade online at, Bombtech also offers a 3 and 5 woods. Sully told me the “Grenade” will be also available as a 9 degree version soon. I’m sure I can change my game form the teebox in the upcoming season. More distance, more consistency and of course more style. As you know „Because style matters”.

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