Celebration GC

celebration_gc_coverLet’s Celebrate. This is the Story of my last Golf Round in the U.S. My flight partner with whom I played with on my round at Grand Cypress told me to play Celebration GC. So I booked again a tee time for the guys from Hio-Fitting and myself. Celebration CC really impressed me, it was also one of the best courses I have played so far in the Area of Orlando. This course has such a charming attitude. When I arrived at the driving range I was very excited.

celebration_gc_mood_2 I have never seen something like this before. But how they managed it with the range balls? On the first tee the word charming became a new meaning.

celebration_gc_hole_1_1No.1 was already a difficult par 4 with water on the left side. Unfortunately, my very first Ball ran into the water. But nevertheless, the course enchanted me because every hole was different and the whole course was so perfectly in shape like a fairy tale landscape.

celebration_gc_hole_7_1 celebration_gc_hole_4_1 celebration_gc_hole_3_1 celebration_gc_hole_09_1The greenskeeper had done an awesome job. Celebration GC was so much fun to play. A very beautiful Place and my goodsundays.com signature hole was No. 5: a mid-length par 3 with 159 yards from the gold tees, water on the left side and some nice plant arrangements on the right side.

celebration_gc_hole_5_2 celebration_gc_hole_5_1I hit the green and played a solid par. It’s not necessary to mention that the greens were in a top condition. Beyond that the whole course was pretty much perfect and I loved to play Celebration GC.

celebration_gc_hole_11_1 celebration_gc_hole_13_2 celebration_gc_hole_13_1 celebration_gc_hole_14_3celebration_gc_hole_14_1But it was such a pity for me that on the 15th hole the sun was setting and we just could finish this hole. So, we had to play No.16 in the dark and after that it was not possible to play anymore.

celebration_gc_hole_15_1 celebration_gc_mood_1 celebration_gc_hole_16 celebration_gc_hole_16_2 Very bad that I could not play all 18 holes of Celebration GC. But maybe when I visit Orlando next time I get the opportunity to play it again and finish this great course.

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