Craggan Outdoors Par 3

After I played Grantown on Spey I drove over to the office of Craggan Outdoors. I didn’t knew it, but just next to the office is this fantastic, large outdoor activity park focused on any group experiences.

From kayaking to paintball, from disc golf to fishing almost everything is possible. But I was nosy about the  9-hole par 3 golf course.

The Craggan is well maintained and beautifully located just next to the world famous River Spey. The course is designed and suitable for all golfers. For beginners and advanced golfers in order to improve their short game or for younger and elderly players for which a full length course can pose a challenge. Every hole is different and requires some serious golfing skills.

There are a few „inviting“ water hazards on the course, which surrounds a trout fishery, where osprey can be seen looking for a meal. You may also see roe deer and hares on the course, up to six different species of wild duck and many other birds. Some greens are well protected by several bunkers.

Once you are on the small greens you should´t underestimate the quality. Fast and firm and of exceptional quality because they are daily cut during the season. You need to be a good putter to walk off with par. The total length for 9 holes on Craggan Outdoors is in total 1,269 yards.

If I would be a father I could well imagine to play a round with my kids. Craggan Outdoors welcome all visitors, particularly children and families. Take your time and play a round, it will be worth.

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