This is the story about an unbeatable golf trip to an undiscovered but amazing country.

In the beginning of this year I recognized via Instagram a new golf course in a part of this world where you usually don’t expect such good looking courses. Folks, I was really impressed by the whole imagery and the website of Pärnu Bay Golf Links.

After another night browsing through the internet I found out that there are quite a lot of really nice golf courses in Estonia.

So Ready, Set, Go!! Off to Estonia.

From Munich to Tallinn International Airport its just a two hours flight. Nordic Airways for example offers good flights and an amazing service. We started our trip in Munich on a „Good Sunday Morning“. We got a nice pick up from Tallinn International Airport from where we had a cozy two-hours car ride to the miracle city of Pärnu. In Pärnu I really recommend the amazing and very modern Estonia Resort Hotel & Spa. From here it´s just a 10-minute drive to Pärnu Bay Golf Links and a 5-minute walk to the town center and the beach.

So make sure you bring your swimwear because Estonia Resort Hotel & Spa has an amazing spa area with many different types of saunas and pools. You will find an amazing outdoor jacuzzi and they offer nice treatments where you can even enjoy a golf massage. On the other side Estonia Resort Hotel & Spa offers with the Noot restaurant really an amazing opportunity for delicious food. I mean during this trip I discovered that the Estonian kitchen is all over very delicious and they really know how to cook. Therefore it wasn´t a big surprise that the breakfast at the Estonia Resort Hotel & Spa was just perfect.

We where so amazed by Pärnu Bay Golf Links that we spent almost every day on the course. Unfortunately we had to leave Pärnu after a few days and set off to a new adventure, to Saaremaa, Estonia´s largest island. We discovered that there is another amazing golf course which was built by the same architect as Pärnu Bay Golf Links. So I was super nosy about this gem. We got an option for a car and drove into the direction Saaremaa island. Well, I really love traveling by car because you see a lot of the country and you´re super flexible.

After a 3-hours drive, including the ferry transfer from the mainland of Estonia to Saaremaa island, we arrived in Kuressaare (Arensburg) where we had another two-night stay at the sweet and cosy Arensburg Boutique Hotel & Spa just next to the Old Town of Kuressaare. The Arensburg Boutique Hotel & Spa is amazing with all its details and pictures of the past and the present. The hotel is one of those places which offers this very special feeling.

We had the honour to sleep in the “Arensburg Suite” which is equipped with a private sauna and a lovely small balcony with view to the Old Town. Trust me, that was really really cool. The breakfast was perfect and by car it´s less than a 5-minute drive to the Saare Golf course. They have also a restaurant called „MO“ where we went two times for dinner. A modern styled restaurant with super tasty food. I still could jump into this great Tiramisu! Guys, you really have to try it, incredibly delicious!

We had such a good weather and were lucky to discover a little bit of the Old Town of Kuressaare but honestly two days aren´t enough for the island of Saaremaa. Beside hidden golf gems like Saare Golf or Pärnu Bay Golf Links, extremely friendly and organized people, great food and an astonishing breathtaking landscape, Estonia offers so much more. Well, for our last stop we got the opinion to spend a night at the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. From the small airport on Saaremaa located in Kuressaare it ´s just a 45-minute flight to Tallinn International Airport.

And guys again, you really have to do this. Tallinn is a great city. In my opinion a mix of Berlin with its modern and trendy attitude and its historical part of the town like Nuremberg or Salzburg. A very good place to stay is the Nordic Hotel Forum very close to the historical center and just around the corner of the Rotermann Quarter with its urban environment characterized by historical atmosphere and an outstanding architecture where you will find unique shops and restaurants.

We were also quite attracted by the fact that everything is in walking distance and you actually don´t need a car or any cap. In summary I wish we would have spent more time in amazing Estonia. I mean there are even more great courses around Tallinn which I haven´t played yet. So I have to visit Estonia next season again and I can really recommend this to you too!!

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