I don’t think I’ve ever played as much golf as I have this year. My about 80 rounds made up for a total distance about 480 kilometers! All of that in ever changing circumstances and different weather conditions, everwhere in Europe from Scotland to Spain, Portugal or the far north of Germany. On top of that I’ve spent a lot of time pursuing my second passion: hiking. I‘d say whoever walks alot needs good shoes, but damn good socks aswell! The products by EuroSocks have made my days this year. We conquered every thinkable condition, be it wet, hot or cold. I never got any blisters or any other pain in my feet and the socks didn‘t smell or wear off particularly fast.

My absolute favorite is the EU2016 Multipurpose Compression Technology Crew. A true allround performer in every aspect and loaded with textile tech. All you other socking pros will definitly appreciate the Medium Density Padding Sole, the Extra Smooth Toe Seam or the Flat Knit. It was never like you could feel the sock in your shoe, in a bad way, I mean. There‘s no pressure due to too much material, they’re just plain comfy!

A second model I am using is the EU0311-20 Multipurpose Compression Technology OTC Medium Weight. Extremely convincing aswell, especially when it comes to long hikes or when you go for a run. Unbelievably good and, trust me, a good pair of socks is worth every penny when you‘re walking alot. Why EuroSocks, you might ask? Honestly, I coincidentally came across these a while back and was immediately sold on the good quality and the wide range of products.

EuroSocks is an italian company founded in 1981, which stands out in the sports socks market, when it comes to high quality paired with creativity, technology and innovation. Branded „Re-Evolution“ they produce, in Italy of course, a innovative lineup including running and high-performance athletic socks. You should give it a try!

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