GC Budersand

Ok Ok, going to some foreign country to play some golf is definitly exciting, but I’m not gonna deny my golfing homeland the respect it clearly deserves. When it comes to links golf though, we’re obviously reaching limits rather quickly. There’s only a hand full of actual links courses in Germany and Budersand on the island of Sylt is one of them, as well as one of the best courses in the whole of Germany. Well some of you might be pissed now. „You forgot my course!“ or „ Don’t you know my favourite playground xy?“ Sorry, truely, but no. And I don’t need to, because in the last couple of years I had the chance to play a couple of the best courses in the world and it’s fair to say that Budersand, especially when applying German standards, is an absolute pearl! A true links golf experience right by the sea with lots of the characteristic pot bunkers.

Built behind the dunes with extraordinary greens and narrow bumpy fairways, which makes the course a real challenge, but an absolute beauty to look at. Tee No. 1 for example starts off your round with a blind shot into a doglegged fairway to the left. Welcome to Budersand, Ladies and Gentlemen! Going long or a little bit off line will immediately result in lost balls or, if you’re lucky, a short recovery shot from one of the two strategically placed pot bunkers.

Guess where I ended up. Beach! In case you want to attack the green from here, you’re gonna need big cochones, a perfect shot and no wind. Like that would happen… Well a bogey’s not so bad here and while we’re at it: links golf’s main challenge: the wind.

Man, I would have played so well without it…, but this is Sylt and it’s known for a good blower. I went for three rounds on Budersand in perfect links conditions and at least #threeclubwind every time, which made it a real challenge, but so much fun! To give you an example, my signature hole No. 15 took a 7-iron to reach. I had to go four clubs up for a 98 meter Par3 plowing it straight into the wind.

I had a shank free first round for a change and was immediatley super stoked about Budersand, only to get to understand the course a little better on my next round in the early morning. Holes one through four are just nice and sweet with a little up hill down hill golf to follow. Hole 14 will get the party started though. From here you’ll shoot right towards the great dune called „Budersand“ ;-) and the next couple of holes lead around it. Super exciting! Maybe 15 isn’t really the signature hole, but hole number 14 deserves the title. This dogleg left sports three well placed bunkers and an elevated green integrated into the dune. Yes the one I talked about earlier, which also lends it’s name to this German golf hotspot.

Overall Budersand is definitly among the best courses in Germany and should be on every German golfer’s bucket list for sure. I also have to mention the attached Hotel Budersand, which is definitly to be recommended aswell ,if you’re a golfer or not. I suggest you read the blogpost about it. ;-) Another super interesting fact is that the course‘s architect lives on the same island and Budersand is his only creation in Germany.

#Welldone , I’d say! Maybe it’s even fair to say: If you’re not so much into traveling to Scotland or Ireland for, let’s say culinary reasons or whatever, then Budersand is definitly an option for you! We are talking wind, pot bunkers, bumpy fairways, ocean views and super fast greens on Germany’s renowned and most beautiful island of Sylt. I friggin loved it! What about you?

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