Ever since I started playing golf, I’ve been looking for a good opportunity to regularly play 18 holes. There are several courses and membership opportunities around my hometown of Munich, but I didn’t want to have drive more than 30 kilometers to get from my apartment to the course. And naturally, I was looking for a nice course that plays well and whose club focuses on the sports aspects of the game of golf. After one year as a member of a terrible driving range close to Munich, I decided to become a member at GC Egmating – one of the most attractive golf clubs in my opinion. GC Egmating is located to the East of Munich and can bea reached in about 35 minutes from the city center. The course is always perfectly maintained and the staff is super-friendly. Also, GC Egmating provides a very good driving range, a masterpiece of a championship golf course and also a great nine-hole, par-3 short course. Another factor in its favor: Most of the members are playing golf as a sport, so most of them are low handicappers.

The championship golf course of GC Egmating is just perfect. I just love playing the first five holes, they never get old. A normal par four with 347 m from yellow is a good way to start a days and play a nice round of golf. I always hit my old-school Mizuno three wood from ebay from the tee. If you don’t end up in the fairway bunker on the left, you always have the option to attack the green. No. 1 is always a good par opportunity.

No. 2 in contrast is a long and difficult par 4 with 387 from yellow. You have to aim tiger line to have a change to get on the green in two hits. Hitting the fairway on the left turns this hole into a very long beast, and missing the fairway on the right makes it almost impossible to hit the green in two because of the green bunkers. But still it`s a very nice hole to play.

No. 3 is another great chance to go for the par – an easy tee shot into the fairway makes this relatively short dogleg to the left good hole to play. With the second hit – usually something like an 8 or a 9 iron – you can attack the elevated green. Be prepared to make yourself familiar with many up-and-down iron shots on this golf course. On my best days, I manage to play a par here, which brings me to the tee box of the famous No. 4.

A par 3 with 129 from yellow and a fantastic view makes this hole my goodsundays.com signature hole at GC Egmating. I always hit a P wedge and try to get in the middle of the green. If it works, you have to battle the fast and very difficult green, but par should always be possible. Now you should be in to play, because GC Egmating is long and has a lot of altitude differences, like on the 6th and 8th holes.

After finishing the first nine you have to pass the driving range with the small but friendly Halfway that offers nice refreshments. No.10 is a bitch – a short dogleg left with 315 m from yellow, but always a par option.


No.11 is another beast of a par 3 with 197 m. It’s almost impossible to play par here if you’re not long enough. In addition, the green is very well protected with bunkers, so walking away with par is a good score.

No. 12 is very, very long … there’s not much more to say.

But the next hole is a beauty, a par 5 with 484 m from yellow. It will be quite sufficient if you hit just a 3 wood from the tee. The second shot is always a 6 or 7 iron. If you stay on the fairway, you shouldn’t need anything but a Gap or Pitching wedge for the last shot. This is my favorite shot at GC Egmating. The green is still covered by some bunkers, but you should be fine if you go for the middle. Once you’re there, green is still super difficult to putt.

The next three holes … have been ruining my score ever since I started playing GC Egmating. 14, 15 and 16 are way too long and hard to play. If you arrive at the 17th without any real problems on your scorecard, you are still in to play.

No. 17 is a nice par 3 with 148 m. A solid 5 or 6 iron in my case is normally perfect to jot a par on the scorecard.

 And to finish things, No. 18 is the last beast: 395m from yellow ensure that you really have your work cut out for you. It’s not an unfair hole, however. If you’re able to play a straight ball, you should be able to go for a bogey, which is still a great score.

In summary, GC Egmating one of the best courses in the Munich area with super-nice staff from the office to Sherif, everybody is just lovely. The training facilities are perfect and the course is a gem, a real championship 18-hole golf course with all that is needed. Becoming a member here is a great decision, whether you just want to have a good time or play 18 holes. Trust me.


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