GC Grande Pines

grande_pines_goodsundays_coverOnce upon a time there used to be a very nice Golf Course called Grande Pines but unfortunately the Course was closed for business in 2015. Fortunately, I got the Possibility to play one of the last rounds before they closed it. So far I played several Golf Courses in the area of Orlando and I must say most of them surprised me, also like Grande Pines. As every time I have booked a teetime via “Golfnow.com”. It was a very cold and cloudy morning when I met my two flight partners from Canada on the first tee.

grande_pines_goodsundays_9grande_pines_goodsundays_14grande_pines_goodsundays_16I was very impressed and stoked about the first tee, because it was already a task with a lot of water on the right site. Usually the quality of the golf courses in the US are amazing and the price-performance ratio is not compatible to germany.

grande_pines_goodsundays_17grande_pines_goodsundays_18grande_pines_goodsundays_19 Only 35 Dollars for such a beautiful Place is simply reasonable and my first impressions of Grande Pines should not have fooled me. Very fast greens and a perfect mown Fairway including tricky great bunker traps combined with the typical Florida water hazard, I knew Grande Pines would make my day.

grande_pines_goodsundays_2 grande_pines_goodsundays_1 grande_pines_goodsundays_3grande_pines_goodsundays_10 grande_pines_goodsundays_11I was in a good golf Mood, the score and the day became better and better and even the clouds disappeared. To put it in a nutshell Grande Pines was really an amazing experience and it’s a pity that this Course is closed.

grande_pines_goodsundays_8 grande_pines_goodsundays_7 grande_pines_goodsundays_6 grande_pines_goodsundays_4 grande_pines_goodsundays_5 Rest in Peace Grande Pines.

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