GC Schloss Mainsondheim

GCS-Mainsondheim_CoverThe forecast for this late fall day was just perfect. Thus I decided to wake up really early to get some good pictures combined with a nice round of golf at GC Schloss Mainsondheim.

GCS-Mainsondheim_mood_3 GCS-Mainsondheim_mood_1GCS-Mainsondheim_mood_7Arriving there I was a little bit frustrated – it was very foggy and only 1° Celsius. As the fairway was still frozen I was not able to go on the course. But with sun rising on the sky it was something like a magic moment happening.

GCS-Mainsondheim_mood_5 GCS-Mainsondheim_mood_6 GCS-Mainsondheim_mood30 min later the sun was strong enough to let me start my round of golf. The course was in a very good shape even though we had a very hot summer in Germany. My game was terrible this day but the GC Schloss Mainsondheim was a lot better than I expected.

GCS-Mainsondheim_12I started at No.10 – from hole to hole the sun was getting stronger. This course is pretty narrow but fair. If you are long enough from the tee box its easy to pass the bunkers but you still have to take care of all the water hazards. Some greens are difficult to read but putting is no longer an issue for me since using my new putter.

GCS-Mainsondheim_13_1 GCS-Mainsondheim_13 GCS-Mainsondheim_16_2There are also some big elevations on the course where it makes a lot of fun to hit long drives down. My goodsunday.com signature hole was No.16. A par 5 dogleg left with 447m from the yellow tee. You have to keep your drive straight to not end up in a huge bunker on the left side.

GCS-Mainsondheim_15 GCS-Mainsondheim_16_1 GCS-Mainsondheim_16

I had a good one and with a clever lay up for my second shot. I hit the green with my third shot but did an ugly three putt. In summary this GC Schloss Mainsondheim is a great course if you are in the area around Würzburg.

GCS-Mainsondheim_17 GCS-Mainsondheim_18

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