GC Wasserburg Anholt Pitch&Putt

I wanted to write this blogpost last year, but I think now is a better time for it. Imagine it’s still ‘Covid-time’ and you turn 40 or so. No pubs, no clubs, parties on your own, or virtually, are a bit lame, but you still want to have a good time with all your friends. It doesn’t matter if they are golfers or not (to begin with), but all you need is a relaxed and unique atmosphere in the fresh air with your favourite, or soon to be favourite, activity. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the pitch and putt course in Wasserburg Anholt, designed by Christian Althaus.

Come to my party with your friends or family, you are all welcome. In a strategic location there is a tent with beer benches and 3 or 4 barrels of delicious Bavarian beer, pretzels, good sausage, cheese and music. Come and play a mini tournament with me on the brilliant Wasserburg Anholt pitch and putt. And, to make it even more worthwhile, all donations will go to the worthy cancer foundation (e.g. https://www.forschung-hilft.de If you are from Germany)

Where did I get this idea. I played this little course last year as part of an Althaus special and was blown away. Actually every golf club should have a 6 hole pitch and putt course like this. Each hole here gives the pro but also the beginner a feeling for the real golf course. Sure, no hole is longer than 100m but every hole gives you the feeling of a championship course. Really cool bunkers are strategically well placed and they are a challenge for all of us. The greens are big enough to hit and small enough to miss. The greens themselves are challenging and fun to putt on. I have to say that the greenkeepers did a wonderful job. What a great use of land and what an idea!

@althausgolfdesign has managed to turn a small but nice project like the pitch and putt course in Wasserburg Anholt into a spectacular and fun golf experience. Seriously guys, I’m not being paid to say this, but I think that the golf courses of @althausgolfdesign are a joy and truly enrich golf in Germany.

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