Golf is a sport of accuracy and perfection. This season my golf has developed in the right direction and after my iron fitting at Hio Fitting and the very effective training sessions with Arne Dickel I got more self confidence and especially a replicable golf swing which leads to a constant distance control.

So I searched for a rangefinder or a good golf GPS. I tried a GPS but the first round was kind of foggy and there was no signal. In the second round I always had the problem that I could not measure distances between obstacles like trees, bunkers or water traps. In my opinion a rangefinder suits more to my game, with its huge flexibility I can easily measure every distance.

So on my search for the perfect device with that certain something, I found, a very fresh company from Bavaria. offers a special business model: There is no expensive intermediate trade, which leads to almost 50% savings per order. is able to sell the classic models for just 169,00 euro, just perfect! The classic model is called Birdie 500, Right now there are 3 different colors available. Also I really like the cool design of the Birdie 500.


With it`s flag finder-technology you can measure up to a distance exactly up to 1000m. Another nice rangefinder of is the Eagle 600 Solar it`s solar-technology is quite new and I have never seen something like this before. In my eyes a smart idea for a rangefinder. In summery is a very sympathetic fresh brand and they offer a design oriented rangefinder for an unbeatable price. They also have a lot of creative potential and I’m excited about with what they will surprise us in the future.


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