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The Morgado Resort is truly something! The hotel and its bungalows are built to form a little village between the resort‘s courses Alamos and Morgado. The reception works as clubhouse and office in one place and directly behind it you can access the restaurant and the vast breakfast space with the large adjoining terrace from which you can see the whole Morgado course.

I personally think that this four-star hotel deserves one more when I look at the beautiful and spacious rooms. Literally huge rooms with a large comfy bed, where you can chill or simply hang out on the private patio with a cold beer to celebrate a great day. What‘s really cool is that from any room in the resort you have less than a houndred meters to the first tee.

A night at this hotel, depending on the category of the room, will set you back 150 to 270 euros, which is a fair deal and definitly a recommendation with the giant tasty breakfast and the two courses. I also really liked the driving range, where all the elements of the resort are tastefully integrated into the practice areas. Overall being situated away from the rather touristy beaches everything is really calm and so relaxing. I‘d come back any time, well actually I have to come back and play the Morgado Course one more time, maybe early in the morning away from all the ProAm buzz.

From the NAU Morgado Golf resort I went back to the coast to Praja dos Sagados for my last golf destination. I had two more nights in Portugal at the Salgados Palace before I would have to fly home to Germany. The hotel and the resort‘s golf course were built into an amazing setting with only a ten minute walk separating you from the beautiful Praja dos Salgados beach.

The Palace really is an impressive building from the lobby to the rooms. At the Morgado CCG I was already amazed by the large and comfy bed, man, NAU have really understood the principles of recreation through sleep. At the Palace I was able to totally relax for the last two days. A nice round of golf on the resort course and a walk on the beach right after.

Even though the food at the hotel was great and more than enough, I went out two times with my buddies to restaurants, that I definitly have to talk about aswell. One time me, the guys from Hole19 and Slatergolf went for a true classic, which is an absolute must do for all sea-foodies.

The Rui Marisqueira is the absolute best, really unbeatable and wonderfully located in the picturesque old town of Silves.

Please don’t forget to order „Amendea e figo“ for desert. It‘s out of this world! The day after me and the same crew met up again at a traditional chicken place near Ramires for a final lunch. Guys, this stuff is the ultimate taste bud party. So good, I‘m telling ya and both places are only a 15-minute car ride away from the hotel.

Salgados Palace is a 4-star hotel that offers anything you might desire. Pool, gym, golf course and with the beach being so close it‘s also a great option for the wife and kids. I‘d say, please check it out yourselves!

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