Peak Performance

Once more I am very proud to give the word now to my girl …..

I was really curious about Scotland with its rich choice of golf courses and all its golf history. But I was also really nervous about the weather. The first thought about Scotland is always very strong wind and a lot of rain. Of course it is really a lifetime experience to play such great courses but you really need to life the sport to play it even in the toughest weather conditions. But as you all know, there is no bad weather, just the wrong clothes.

And Scotland is just the perfect location to really test your stuff. Lucky me, I was more than well equipped with my rain combo from Peak Performance. Just the perfect motivator. I combined the BLACKWELL WIND JACKET with the KARORI PANTS. Both styles are water repellent, breathable and of course windproof. The very lightweight fabrics guarantee the perfect comfort while the newest technologies combined with useful features complete your highest requirements. So, no matter what the weather is like, it´s always so much fun to play!!

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