Pelican Waters GC

The next course I played at the Sunshine Coast was Pelican Waters. Pelican Waters GC is rated among the ten best courses of Queensland and I was really happy to got the chance to play this Craig Norman designed golf course. So after a nice day at the beach I just grabbed my golf bag…

Arriving at Pelican Waters GC the stuff was extremely friendly again. Just like all of the Australian people we met during our stay. Pelican Waters GC also offers large practice facilities which is not really natural in Australia. Sitting in the cart I started over to the first tee.

I teed off and hit the ball straight into the first fairway bunker on the right. This was like a forecast for today´s round. A lot of sand shots and many different lays. I needed the first two holes to realize how nice this course was. Really different to the other courses I have played so far. A challenging and charming golf course, open to the public. Huge deep bunkers with smooth sand on every hole. A good bunker game is necessary for Pelican Waters GC.

If there is no sand be sure there are water hazards or Australian bushes which cause any type of trouble. True love happens on hole No. 7. There is a short car path between hole numbers 6 and 7. Drive along and prepare for the magic moment. Almost 15 Kangaroos stared at me. I never saw this dudes so close.

I teed off but they didn´t mind at all. Only one of them was looking at me. Probably the alpha dude. No. 7 is a nice and long par 5 with a group of bunkers on both sides on a level with the driver landing zone. Of course I was again in there. My second was just a rescue shot out of the giant sandy pot.

I needed two good shots to reach the green from there but I made it. So only one putt left but I could´t convert. The greens have been very fast and fun to putt on. The second nine are a little bit different as they are winding through a resort.

The finishing holes a tremendous. The green of the 15th hole is already in the woods and from now on a straight drive is recommended. No. 16, a par 5 with a fairway guarded by woods excuses no mishit from the tee. If you hit it to much left or right your ball is lost.

Once you´re able to attack the green make sure that you aren´t to long behind the green because there isn´t much space left before the woods. With two consecutive doglegs it´s getting interesting.

The finishing holes of Pelican Waters GC require high accuracy and precision. The fairways are hard and your ball can easily bounce into the adjacent woods. Well thought course management and the right club selection is the key to a safe score.

Pelican Waters GC is a highly recommended must if you are ever around the Sunshine Coast.

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