PGA Catalunya Resort

A few weeks ago I got the invitation to visit the PGA Catalunya Resort together with nice colleagues (,, and and play the two associated golf courses, the flagship the Stadium Course and the matching little but not to be underestimated brother, the Tour Course. Normally as a golfnerd I prefer to write about the individual way of travelling and prefer the rather unconventional way but however, I had never played golf in Spain before and had heard, seen and read a lot about the Stadium Course before. So I packed my suitcase, checked in and flew to Barcelona. From the airport to the PGA Catalunya Resort it’s only about one hour by car. By highspeed train from Barcelona central station to Girona, which is a super beautiful city, it takes 35 minutes and from the station another 15 minutes by car to the PGA Catalunya Resort.

When we arrived I was directly in love with the resort. Everything is very nice and for a design-oriented guy like me beautifully realized. I had a room in the Camiral Hotel which is centrally located in the complex.

From here you only need a minute to the range, the short game area, the clubhouse, the first tee of the Stadium Course and the Tour Course and to all the other highlights of the PGA Catalunya Resort, like the forest climbing park, which is really fun and a sweaty challenge for young and old, the in-house vineyard or the small fishing jetty which is cleverly integrated into the large water hazard of hole 15 of the Tour Course.

The Camiral Hotel is simply fantastic, really a pity that I only had the possibility to enjoy this beautiful hotel for a short time. Visually, everything is just right here. Each corner is decorated with a different piece of art and the large auditorium and reception area merge smoothly into a kind of library, very impressive. Culinary, even if I always try to eat like an athlete, everything tastes really good here. The breakfast fulfills everyone’s wishes and the dinner was a poem.

The staff is highly organized and terribly friendly. My room was great and really nothing was missing. What happens here besides outstanding golf and various possibilities to enjoy life….

I really recommend is the small town of Girona with a Primera División football club. With around 99.000 inhabitants, Girona also served as film set for one of the most famous scenes from “Game of Thrones” “Shame, Shame, Shame….“ a really wonderful city with many small alleys, shops and bakeries selling the very tasty but not for athletes intended regional delicacy “Xuixo”.

You have to try it, it tastes delicious! Girona is full of culture and little stories like the bridge built by “Eiffel”, which crosses one of the three rivers flowing through the city, or the great old carpenter’s workshop which is right next to the “Game of Thrones” scenery.

Girona is really worth a visit beside all the world-class golf at the PGA Catalunya Resort. In the resort itself a new design hotel was recently opened which I found architecturally very cool and which includes a very tasty little pizzeria.

So somehow everyone can enjoy world-class golf, family activities like the forest climbing park or the culinary delights of the various restaurants. It has definitely convinced me but come and convince yourself of the PGA Catalunya Resort.

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