Quinta da Marinha Golf Resort

Palácio Estoril and Estoril Palácio Golf Club were deluxe and an amazing experience. But our next stop was just totally different. Situated in the center of Cascais, Quinta da Marinha Golf Resort is the perfect place if you´re a real golf nut. Even as we arrived in the hotel we were fascinated by the familiar atmosphere.

The holes No. 1 and No. 10 are located on the hotel and from the infinity pool you can catch a serious view on the 18th green. So there is no need to gloss anything, be sure your wife will already know about your performance. From the cosy rooms to the delicious breakfast, everything is just great! On the next day I started really early in the morning on hole No. 1 which is already great. I torched a lighting and placed my first shot just perfectly in the middle of the fairway.

From there I had the option to go for the green with two but I was to much right and placed my ball in one of the many defending bunkers. I walked of the green with two putts for par. From the tees to the greens, Quinta da Marinha Golf Resort is really nice to play.

Every hole is just different and creative and you really have to trust in your clubs. No. 5 for example a par 3 over some houses. Don´t ask me, but I am not sure what would happened on a bad day. Quinta da Marinha Golf Resort was really nice to play and totally suited my game.

A mix of short and tricky par 4 holes combined with long and challenging par 5 holes with wide fairways. You can easily use your driver. Also very nice is the old tree population.

My goodsundays.com signature hole was definitely No. 15 a mid-length dogleg par 4. The tee shot is situated in a narrow wooded lane. Try to hit it straight up to the bend of the dogleg and then a 8 iron to the green. Beware of the defending bunkers and the tricky green which is almost a double green with hole No. 8.

Of course I also have to write about hole No. 18, a real blue monster with two huge water hazards. First you need to place your drive. Then you should be able to create a precious lay-up shot to attack the green. Better stay short and try to avoid any socket or your ball ends up next to your wife in the hotel pool.

Portugal is an amazing blast for every golfer so please don´t leave the area of Cascais without playing and staying at Quinta da Marinha Golf Resort.

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