Rarotonga GC

Sure it isn’t the first thing to do when you visit paradise but playing a round at Rarotonga Golf Club is really some kind of a golfing adventure. This course is located just next to the airport so make sure that you have the option to discover some jet blast before or after the round. You can get really close to the runway. If you missed it or there is no big airplane close to your schedule just pack your snorkeling equipment into your golf bag. Rarotonga Golf Club is located just next to Black Rock, a great snorkeling spot.

The Golf Course itself is fun and different to all the courses I have played so far. Entering the club house feels like back in the days. The whole furniture and the charism of the bar and the club house remembers on the 50´s and 60´s. Just super charming.

The next interesting fact is that you have just one tee box for men and the lady’s. So your wallet is safe just in case you have a bad day from the tee. Another interesting point is that Rarotonga GC is actually a nine hole course but if you want to play 18 holes you just play the same holes but from different tee boxes.

The tee boxes are more elevated or around the corner for example.

So every hole changes in the way to play it. But in my opinion the most interesting element of the course are the transmission masts just in the middle of five of the nine holes. Hit and hope or hit and shape your ball around this very unusual obstacle.

Well it isn’t a championship Golf Course but I was surprised by the greens and the well mowed fairways. So the quality and the shape of Rarotonga GC is no excuse for your putting and of course not for your scorecard.

My favorite hole was No.4 a short par 3 with just 122m but with one of those typical transmission masts straight in the middle of your path. Well, I gave it a go and was surprisingly lucky. My ball ended up just one meter behind the green.

Chip and putt for par on this one. Allover Rarotonga GC is quite a nice track and definitely worth spending a couple of hours.

And don’t forget to buy some fresh tuna on the way back to your accommodation at Ocean Fresh. A culinary delight.

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