ROSE&FIRE_COVER_goodsundaysAs you know for me it`s always very important to walk on the fairways in style. Therefore I decided again to protect my new 3 wood and my hybrid from HIO-Fitting this season with the very creative headcovers from Rose&Fire by Mike Buchfuhrer. I love the innovative textiles and the unconventional and creative way of Rose&Fire and especially little details like the zipper. Beside that I had a major aim at the beginning of the season: Lowering my handicap by hunting a lot of birdies. So I called it „The Hunting Season“.

ROSE&FIRE_GOODSUNDAYS_1 ROSE&FIRE_GOODSUNDAYS_2Rose&Fire had exactly some headcovers in their new collection which inspired me perfectly and supported my motto. The headcovers with the hunting camouflage print with it neon inlay are exactly the colors, people in the US wear if they go hunting in the woods. Well, finally the season has not exactly developed the way I intended, but that`s life… Anyway, the only things that matter in my opinion, are the passion for golf and the style you life this passion.

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