Royal Bled – The Kings Course

You say I am an ‘influencer…’, well let me influence. Royal Bled, play it! Why? OK, because of my job as a golf course photographer and a golf travel blogger, I have the amazing opportunity to visit many brilliant and special golf courses worldwide. Of course, there are many subjective, qualitative, cultural, regional and design differences and you can’t really compare courses with each other. However, when it comes to the mountains, the Alps, then Royal Bled is a must to recommend. I can even go one step beyond!! Royal Bled is for me the best golf course that I have played in central Europe. There, I said it. Have I influenced yet?

From the clubhouse to the teebox, from the changing room to the breakfast or from the views to the second cut, no matter where you turn, it’s all perfect. Royal Bled is easy to reach from anywhere in Europe, whether you come by plane to Ljubljana, just a 35-minute drive or by car from southern Germany, you’ll love it. The views are a dream but the golf course is more special. Just fantastic.


The greenkeeping is extraordinary and incomparable. Steve Chappell, the Head Greenkeeper knows exactly what he is doing here. The layout of the Kings course is exciting and varied but also fair. Anyone who criticises the golf course needs to have a word with themselves.

The tees are good enough for the PGA Tour and the fairways are like a green carpet. You will hardly find any divots or anything out of  for place for that matter.

There are tee times every 15 minutes and if you want to play with a buggy, it will be more comfortable than your couch at home. There is absolutely no need to rush. Take your time, enjoy the experience.

So, how are the greens? Do I really need to say anything, or can you take it for granted that they are #thebestgreens. The first three holes really set the tone, especially number three. From each tee you have an amazing view of the this par three, you can even see Castle Bled in the distance and hear the river Sava in the valley. It really is fantasy golf, a kind of mixture of Heidi and Augusta. On the back nine, the 13th, another par 3, has a unique view from the green.

I can talk and write about it for hours, unfortunately I can’t take you all there to play it with me! And, let’s be honest, I could easily play this every day of my golfing life.

What a wonderful creation. #iloveroyalbled, without doubt the best course I have played in my area of Europe.

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