Royal Bled – The Clubhouse

Those of you I’ve spoken to know how much I love Royal Bled. The golf courses, especially the King’s course is outstanding. The combination of clubhouse, location and courses make this place ‘immaculate’. In addition, the unbelievable hospitality and the great service makes everything even better, if that’s possible? It is as good a golf experience as you will find.

But, let’s have a look at that hospitality in particular. The Royal Bled clubhouse has 10 bedrooms. Each of them is different, fabulously original and uniquely furnished. That’s not even mentioning the amazing view of the course and the mountains!

When you enter the rooms the Golf Channel is already on. Very cool 😂! Yes, the rooms are big and the bed is a temple of relaxation, but the bedrooms are cosy and intimate too. It’s a one-off clubhouse experience, almost a modern day ‘Dormy House’. From the room to the 1st tee or the 10th is a 25-second walk.

And, the staff are on hand to assist you with deciding the wine, helping with your bags, tweaking your tee time or recommending where to visit in Bled. The clubhouse almost becomes your lounge for the duration of your stay and Bled becomes your home. Of course, I have to write about the restaurant. It’s excellent, there is nothing more to say. Wow, that beef fillet is highly recommended though. The breakfast is also a must.

In order to complete this love poem to Royal Bled, for anyone who likes the finer things in life, it’s a golfer’s paradise. A short flight to the great city of Ljubljana is possible from pretty much anywhere in Europe. From there it is only 35 minutes to Royal Bled. Personally, as a Bavarian, I find it very exciting that it is only 3 1/2 hours from Munich. I am lucky with the journey, no annoying checking in or paying extra luggage for golf clubs this time!

So, by car or by plane, grab your best three buddies and go! You will love it.

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