Srixon Z 785

Apart from my obsession with style I am also a firm believer in getting a proper fitting for your golf clubs. Having worked with HIO since about 2012, I am rather spoiled when it comes to my sticks always perfectly matching my abilities.

But what about my „disabilities“? I am a proper golf nut, but my handicap doesn‘t quite resemble my affection for the sport. And that‘s not always a problem for me, but it might be when I am choosing clubs, that I don‘t only test, but also permanently put in my bag. The thing is, for a true golf fanatic all the tour stuff is always on your mind and your style standards a highly influenced by the sharp tools the pros carry. Let‘s be honest though: I shouldn‘t be carrying those forged ninja knives that I obviously fancy and have always loved when that one out of ten shots felt like a true butter bomb. You all know what I am talking about.

BUT: I have just found the solution for both ends of the spectrum in my dilemma:

The Srixon Z 785 irons. Just a sexy as the Srixon driver I wrote about earlier this year and so polite towards me and my ever changing (within one round or even one hole) golf swing. Truth is, I need a bigger sweet spot, but at the sams time don‘t want to sacrifice the good looks of a sweet tour blade. Ok, the topline is a little thicker, but I also get that you have to hide some tech somewhere to actually help me out with my swing pattern. And it doesn‘t even have that big butt we know from the usual improvers. It looks really decent and you can‘t necessarily tell that there‘s a lot of magic going on on the inside.

Another thing is, I picked these off the shelf. No adjustments except for what I know about from having owned a couple of different irons sets in my life. Estimated length, shaft flex and thickness of the grip. That‘s all I had customized. For the rest I wanted to relate to everyone who will just go out and buy clubs depending on looks and maybe sometimes recommendation.

I was truely suprised how well everything worked for me. I may have sacrificed a couple of yards on each club, but had such big improvments when it came to scoring. Let me tell you, and that isn‘t from the longest guys of the tte you‘ll ever meet: *+%#^ distance!!! If you can be just a tiny bit straighter and have to give up 10 yards in distance, do it! The srixons let me get away with almost everything and I bet by adjusting my lofts, lies and so on I would get the exact same distance as with the rare good shots off my old gamers. All day, every day.

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