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Because Vice Golf and I have such a common sense of style, design and the modern understanding of golf, I am excited to announce my second limited partnership Vice x after a successful start in 2016!

For this edition, I have designed four different logos to visualize my view of sport: young, cool, fresh and modern. Each design has a different approach, starting from the birdie-hunting cat, the well-known exclamation „Mashed Potatoes“ all the way to „Thug Drive“ which is devoted to the cool drivers on the course and lastly, the claim „Fore Ever“ which summarizes what most golfers feel – we love the game and continue to play until we are very old and we will continue to scream „FORE!“ every now and then as we will never bring this game to perfection.

Vice Golf´s success in the golf landscape does not only date back to their innovative business model of selling premium quality golf balls online only but also their understanding of creating a visually appealing, forward thinking design brand.

I am very proud to announce this limited Vice x partnership which is available online only at

All four designs will be printed on the Vice PRO, their premium model and my choice of ball as it combines distance off the tee and great feel and spin around the green – a ball that I highly recommend!

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