The Oitavos Hotel

Sure, Cascais offers a lot! But, as a golfer or nature lover you will be in your element. If you like both, then treat yourself to a few nights in the Oitavos luxury golf resort. Oitavos Dunes is firmly one of the best courses in Portugal. Like a wedge, it is skilfully caressed, created and integrated into the dunes landscape. Similarly, the hotel nestles provocatively in the dunes. The light blue that looks like a reflection of the sea runs conceptually through the whole hotel.

Everyone is sure to have a different emotion, but when I entered my room I was already relaxed. Yes, the room is super-deluxe and twice the size of my home. There is a big balcony too with a view of the 18th and the sea is like glistening sugar in the distance. Amazing is a pretty boring adjective to use, but it’s the perfect one for Oitavos. From the breakfast to the spa to the small hotel bar for a cool beer or a nice Portuguese red wine, everything is amazing 😊.

As they say, tip top. A minimum stay of three nights is a must, one or two rounds of golf, plus a day excursion or a hike on the beach and the cliffs. Sit back in the evening and enjoy the beautiful fresh fish. It doesn’t get any better if you are on the Atlantic. Two good tip for ‘foodies, but remember to book, are Mar do Inferno and Monte Mar both are Manifique!

To summarise: yes the Oitavos is a five star 56 degree wedge and worth each of its stars. The Golf Sixes are here this year, so keep an eye out for it, or even better, go and watch!

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