Torrey Pines – north course

Well as a friend of mine said sometimes in life you have to do something big. So I decided that the last stop of my California golf Trip was San Diego and the famous Torrey Pines golf course.

To lower the green fee of 209$ I booked a 3 night stay over in the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines Hotel. My tee time was at 8.00 am and I was terribly excited. I had never expected that there would be so many people at the first tee.

Almost 30 guys from japan armed with cameras standing at the terrace behind the tee box and watching and waiting for the drive on tee’s. I was nervous as there was a very formal starter who asked me if I got everything for my round and as my flight partners were all single hcp`s my knees began to buckle. I was a little bit disappointed because it was a quite foggy morning.

So after all of my very friendly flight partners split the fairway from the with tee, I hocked my driver into the rough on the righthand site. Arriving their I thought it was easy to get out but here I was wrong. This super thick bermuda grass killed me already on the first hole.

I had already played some good rounds on my road trip to happiness but after the first three holes I had to admit that the North course was a heavy task for me. The greens were super fast and hard to attack because of the length. Most of the holes also had good protection by all the bunkers and every missed fairways caused heavy trouble on the scorecard.

In summary the round on the north course was one of the badest in the 2013 golf season. Beside that disappointment I had just an awesome day and the option to play one of the most famous courses in California.

Also I could experience the difference of German and American golf courses and I could make a big chop on my once in a lifetime playlist.

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