About Good Sundays


True to the game

Good Sundays is the visual testimony of one man’s passion for Golf.
More than about technical stuff it is about the emotion and style that this amazingly rewarding sport has to offer.

If you have any questions you can find Good Sundays on Twitter, FacebookTumblr, Pinterest or you can send an good old fashioned email at mail@goodsundays.com

Who’s behind Good Sundays?

Fabian Sixt works as an Art-Director in Munich, Germany. His clients usually are lifestyle and fashion brands or, now more and more, what he likes to call game changers: young and innovative Golf-related companies that catch the same spirit that Good Sundays tries to bring across.

Find out more about Fabian on his website www.fabiansixt.com

Product reviews

I love new gear as much as the next guy. I publish reviews of products or services when I find something that interests me. Reviews can not be bought or sponsored since I believe that would make it impossible for me to be unbiased in my opinion.

I don’t review everything that is send my way but if you have a cool product and would like me to review it on goodsundays.com you can send it to:

Fabian Sixt
Bogenstraße 11
81675 Munich

If you would like to get it back, let me know and you’ll have to pay for shipping.


Thanks to Sven Juergensmeier for his help in planning and designing as well as coding this website. I’ve been working with Sven for many years now and he is my default choice whenever I look for a great creative developer.

Check out some of his work at http://svenjuergensmeier.com.

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