Alamos – NAU Hotel

The big little brother of the Morgado Course is called Alamos. I say that on purpose because to me this golf course is an absolute hidden gem. Alamos is a 18 hole Par71 beauty on which you will start to dream and relax from the first step you take on it. The first six holes offer various beautiful views over the Algarve backcountry.

At some point you should stop dreaming though or your score might turn into a nightmare, because Alamos really is a golfing challenge. Many elevated tee boxes require a precise drive to at least have a chance of staying on the hilly fairways. You might want to play with a local who will be able to share a little bit of his member’s bounce with you.

And that‘s in regular conditions. Once the fairways get drier the ball will go crazy. Distancewise that‘s fine, I guess, but it can just end up anywhere, you know. My recommendation is to play early, because the sun is usually super strong around here and even if you’re driving a buggy, you‘ll be breaking a sweat from the get go.

Once you’ve finished the first six the landscape becomes alot calmer and you have to cope with tight and winding holes, making your way through olive groves with the only thing, cutting through this absolute tranquility, being lots of birdies, obviously not the ones that would go on my scorecard though. Despite the year’s early singeing heat or maybe because of it I was surprised by the course‘s  quality and especially the greens.

Another thing I really liked was the varying course design with just about anything from long and hilly to narrow and quirky. My signature hole is No. 2. A Par4 at 487 meters from the white tees that encourages you to really launch a money shot, because that‘s just what you need here and a good drive will be rewarded by a spectacular view of the green.

Funnily enough I only had one shot from a bunker during my round, although I wouldn’t say that these don’t come into play very often. Let me sum things up for you. Alamos is a relatively short course at 5710 meters from the white tees, but worth every cent out of your low season 50 and high season 111 buck green fee.

It is a perfectly fitting addition to the Morgado Championship Course and makes your trip to the Morgado Golf Resort an even better decision.

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