Gut Kaden

Gut Kaden is only a 25-minute drive away from the world famous city of Hamburg and what you’ll find is true world class golf on each of the 27 holes. The A,B and C loops together offer nice variable course layout options and are nothing to mess with. The fairways and greens are equipped with groups of bunkers that will magnetically attract your golf balls. Rock solid fairways will give you maximized driving distance, but are also good for a links style bounce to any direction imaginable.

Every loop is completely different. C, for example, plays alot like a links, while A and B are cut out of a beautiful old forrest, which will challenge your game in a completely different way. You will find water hazards anywhere on the course and these are really strategically well placed with no merci for your scorecard. Gut Kaden and its 27 holes are a golfing delight of international standard! Outstandingly impressive are the closing holes of the A and B loops. Both greens are almost fully surrounded by water and therefore real testers which must have already decided lots of matches and tournaments even.

Unfortunately I hadn‘t started to play then, but Tiger teed it up here in Gut Kaden back in 2003 for the Deutsche Bank SAP Open. An even bigger treat for me to play this banger of a course, being the Tiger fanatic that I am! Another thing I really liked are the practice facilities with a big and tidy range and many sheltered spaces for when that ever changing Hamburg weather comes at you. On top of that they are doing a really great job for the kids here, helping them to become good golfers.


Overall Gut Kaden is a really competitive place that will challenge your game thoroughly! I personally happened to be a little bit unlucky with the weather, since the first bit of rain in a very long time hit Gut Kaden just in time for my round. But hey, the course and the whole area really needed some with the tough dry summer that we‘ve experienced here in Germany, but the wind‘s another thing. I know it‘s a big part of this region and that‘s probably a good thing, but seriously, does it have to be howling anytime I play.

One of my favorite holes was A4, that turned out to be quite something at 364 meters right into the wind. It‘s ok to miss the fairway, but you should do it to the right, because the forrest is very close on the left, so it might get messy. Mine ended up in the fairway for a change, so I had the chance to attack the green with a long iron. This particular one is protected by two bunkers though, of which one is so ridiculously big that it accomodates another water hazard in its middle.

Now if that ain‘t something special. Playing 18 holes will set you back 90 bucks, if you‘re older than 35. And that‘s during weekdays, because on weekends you‘re going to have to play with a member.

It‘s  definitly worth your money and for golf nuts like me, who are making the trip just for this course, Gut Kaden has a really nice Hotel aswell. So pack your bags, golfbags that is, and get on up here. I can‘t wait to hear your feedback.

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