Helix Wedge by HIO-Fitting

What would be a bag update without new wedges. During my visit at the new headquarters of HIO Fitting a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to try out the new in-house designed Helix Wedges. A simple stylish wedge with a slightly wider and round sole which is really extremely forgiving. It wouldn’t be a HIO Fitting product if you couldn’t customize it in color and style. You can choose between a gun metal black or silver satin club head. The wider sole offers multiple bounce angles and makes it a very versatile wedge. Due to the forged material the lofts/lie can be bend by 6° in both directions. Furthermore you can pick a certain color for the Helix logo and the number of degrees.

Last but not least a black shaft and the matching grip color and finished is your customized wedge. Regarding the performance, as said the Helix wedge comes from HIO Fitting and is simply pure cream and mega good to play. I got a 50° and 56° wedge and I am really fucking impressed by the performance. Maybe you take the opportunity and just make an appointment with the guys from HIO and try out the absolutely awesome products. Here the link for a appointment: CLICK HERE
If you are not living close to munich just send them your prefered specs and the custom build the wedge for your needs and ship it over to your place within Europe.
For me it’s simply a golfer’s enrichment and the products at HIO always fit my motto: “Because style Matters”.

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