Jack Grace U.S.A.

It was more of a coincidence that I discovered Jack Grace USA on Instagram and after a really nice mail conversation with Bart Walker, the founder, who named the company after his two kids, I was waiting full of anticipation and curiosity for my customized INNOVATOR 1.0.

It quickly became clear that it was worth to wait.

I was convinced after they came into my hands for the very first time. The concept of Jack Grace is easy and just ingenious. You can compose your personal premium leather shoe by changing the saddles and laces.

The range of colors is endless. This concept makes it super easy to create shortly the perfect matching combination for every outfit. Offering a clean and classic style, the INNOVATOR 1.0 is a super lightweight and incredibly comfortable shoe which is the perfect choice on and off the course.

You can complete your own creation even with your own logo print which makes each and every shoe unique. And that´s not all. Waterproof leather uppers help to keep your feet dry. Get yourself a pair. Even or because style matters.

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