Every summer has it`s story. This is mine.

This project started almost 8 months ago at the Munich Golf Fair with a meeting by chance with an old friend of mine. The fact that she works for Green gave me the option to meet with the publisher of this magazine. A few weeks later we had a meeting. During a cup of coffee we developed the idea of exploring and documenting golf courses in the Bavarian area for the Green. There are a lot of Bavarian gems to discover, which made it very easy for me to make my decision for this project. I chose clubs and courses that have their own unique, graphic landscape. I also wanted to show that Bavaria has an amazing variety of golf courses.

After I was authorized I made my appointments with all the clubs which I have chosen. I put all of my required equipment together, took some days off from work, and set off on my trip to document my impression of these great courses and capture the moments during my rounds. In the fall issue of the Green Magazine, the first three clubs I visited on my trip will be featured. The magazine has titled the editorial, “The Bavarian Photo Love Story” and you can see here how it looks like.

It starts on page 42. —> HERE

Well I name it “The fall issue” and in the coming weeks I will also introduce these courses and the result on my site to show my personal impressions and my story about this exiting project.




Just to explain what this magazine is about:
The Green Magazine is the official publication of the Bavarian Golf Association which includes: sophisticated reporting, photo galleries, news from the Bavarian golf scene, background reports and lifestyle features.

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