CBX Exotics — IronWood

After an excessive year of golfing in 2017 and countless rounds all over the world, I decided to make an extensive weaponry upgrade for the 2018 season. Initially,  I only went for a driver fitting at my friends from Hio-Fitting, but the result was more than surprising. Marco Burger handed me a good looking Club. After a little chat he said “try this!” with this special grin on his face

The club he handed me was this super sexy looking Iron-Wood, the new CBX Exotics Clubhead from TourEdge, set up with a Helix Shaft from Hio-Fitting and PureGrip wrap.

Let me put it this way: This Iron-Wood is absolutely stunning. After the first few swings in my hand it already had me. I immediately fell in love with the design of the club head, the combination of matte and polished steel and the gunmetal black of the CBX club head is just wicked.  Also the beautiful shaft with the cool sticker job (by the way, some of the logos are designed by me!) The Grips from PureGrips are sweet as always.

But now on to the performance of Iron-Wood. This beast is absolutely perception altering, pure mind blowing and world dominating, to say the least.

After the first round, I have integrated the 3 iron perfectly in my game and I am just mega confident and happy with it. I get more distance and with more accuracy thanks to the Forget Cup-Face. Here is some more interesting information from the manufacturers home page:


provides maximum power and ball speed from more contact points on the face


allows for perfect weight distribution and maximum forgiveness


combined with beveled leading edge allows the club to glide easily through any turf condition


thin and thick compartments are positioned for optimal forgiveness even on off-center hits

As you know, I’m more of an emotionally driven player. For me, design and style play a really important role when choosing my equipment. When the design is matched with excellent performance I am just extremely satisfied.

I can only say, after each stroke with it, I really love the performing and forgiving technology of the CBX Touredge IronWood. Here Hio-Fitting once again proved that they are really good at finding the perfect technology for the player. You should make an appointment and see for yourselves: HERE BOOKING

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