Evnroll – ER5

What would an update of the golfbag mean without considering the putter?

Not only for me it’s the most important stick in the bag. All the more interesting is the story of my new favorite club. On a fair visit I had the opportunity to try out the new Evnroll ER5. The feedback and the result of the first putts were really remarkable. I’m actually a little sceptical about putters but I really liked the ER5. The Evnroll technology allows me, as a putt dyslexic, to develop a constant roll and a good feeling. More precisely, the evenroll lamella make it possible to always start the ball in a straight line from the clubface.

Sounds like a marketing text, but it’s exactly like that. This extremely forgiving effect is marvelous and an absolute advantage for an average player like me. I am truly amazed and soo satisfied with the results and even more the reality on the course. Another positive aspect is the standard grip the putter is delivered with. I really have such a good feeling of control when I hold the putter.

Personally, I also find the weight balance from club head to shaft surprisingly good and perfect for me. Even though I’m really no hero on the greens of this world, the Evnroll putter ER5 has already secured a permanent spot in my bag for the season. Small brand, awesome product, try it yourself!

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