Golf Course Plöner See is not only an account and website dedicated to the Ultimate Golf Course, but also an approach to small sweethearts or hidden gems. One of these pearls I want to show you is Golf Course Plöner See. It`s a small course that adapts to the changing times. From the graphic design to the clubhouse, everything is designed with a lot of love for detail and in a really modern touch.

Harmoniously integrated into the gentle hills and lake landscape of the Holsteinische Schweiz Nature Park – only a few kilometres away from the Great Plöner See – The course offers you golf and relaxation in beautiful nature, with many delightful views. No matter if you want to play a 9 hole round, ALL DAY or even for several days there are also some beautiful apartments directly on the golf course! The cosy clubhouse also offers a wonderful sun terrace – here you can enjoy a well-deserved drink after the game. ( If allowed in the future ).

I have played Golf Course Plöner See several times now and I have to say that I really appreciate the relaxed atmosphere on the course. The course is perfect for beginners or golfers who don’t come to play very often. Plöner See is neither bourgeois nor stuck-up but rather cool and casual open for every player and a good golf course to learn to love golf. The relaxed setup and varied layout make Plöner See a beautiful golfing gem that is looking forward to welcoming you.

I am really curious what you think about this 9-hole course? Yes, it is “only” a small 9 hole course but the golf course Plöner See is just perfect if you really want to relax. This golf course does not have to claim be #golfundnatur it is already part of the program.

The high grass is mowed by lovely natural lawnmowers during the season. You can also book online teetimes easily and cleanly via Campo. Which is really useful nowadays. Altogether a very modern sweet course with a lot of sense for cool and modern golf. 

It doesn’t always have to be the designer course – the small golf courses are also worth playing. So if you are from the region of Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark or anywhere else just come and visit and check it out.

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